Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I tried the Cranberry Raspberry flavor, it was very nice. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

M3U to MP3 Copy Tool

Recently I had decided to copy the mp3s I had on a playlist, so I could put them on my portable mp3 player.  I realized that VLC didn't have an option to just copy the files off the playlist, so I went online and found this:    

It is a program that will look at your .m3u playlist and copy the files listed on it, to a folder that you specify.  It was very handy. :-)

Things I wonder about..

I often wonder to myself, why do babies know how to dance?  How do they know that music is for dancing, without ever seeing an example of people dancing?  We are taught that things we do naturally are for survival or social acceptance, but dancing to music seems like too complicated of a social tool for a baby to learn with no example.  
What reason is there, for a baby to dance?   It's really got me bothered.

Another thing I wonder, is why children play "the floor is lava".  I have read online that the reason is because lava is the most obvious choice for a dangerous floor to watch out for.  I myself don't remember ever thinking about the concept of hot lava being on a floor when I was a small child.  Lava was always something I imagined shooting out of a volcano, and that was that.  It would make more sense to me if I played "the ground is thorns" or "there is no ground", because thorns on the ground were an actual hazard I was aware of.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unsafe and unlikely, is time travel without wormholes

Time travel is not at all safe, and if it is possible, it would require the use of wormholes, which have set destinations, rather than something like a car with time travel capabilities. 
According to a famous song by Monty Python, rough numbers are that our planet rotates at 900 miles an hour, orbits the sun at 90 miles a second, and our whole solar system moves at a 40,000 miles an hour along with the rotation of the milky way.
So if you took your DeLorean to 88 and managed to pop back in time even 5 minutes, you would be somewhere way far out in space when you came back into time!  

lol  Maybe you'd even crash into the moon, who knows.

You'd have to have a way to calculate the earth's position in the universe at any given time, and make your time machine transport you to that location as well, making it a time-and-space machine.

I had come to this conclusion a good number of years ago but I don't think I shared that idea with anyone so there you can have it.  :P

Monday, June 14, 2010

 I was browsing a Multimedia Fusion 2 resource site, and came across this awesome little game project:

My Grandpa Was a Firefighter guy

It is themed like a 30's silent film, and is very silly.

They posted it as .mfa format but not everyone has multimedia fusion, so here it is in .exe  <---

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making the impossible, possible?

Just had a thought.
There are some things people can do, that were never thought possible, yet they can do them with ease while others struggle to figure out how it's done. 

When I myself come across things like this, I'm not looking for them, but I notice I can do them, so I keep doing them and trying them different ways until they become second nature.

It's an odd way to look at the world, but what if trying to do something you know is impossible, and trying it often and thoroughly, makes the thing less impossible somehow?  That would be something.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MegaMan ..... The Movie?!

F-ing hell, they made it for real this time!   lol, and it looks just as horrible as I imagined they could make a MegaMan movie.  :-)

Check info on it here: MegaMan 2010

Here's the poster for it.  In fact I'll put it next to the fake MegaMan movie poster and you can decide which one has the more expensive props/costumes....

And no I'm not going to watch it, no matter how big of a fan I am.  >_<