Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I wonder about..

I often wonder to myself, why do babies know how to dance?  How do they know that music is for dancing, without ever seeing an example of people dancing?  We are taught that things we do naturally are for survival or social acceptance, but dancing to music seems like too complicated of a social tool for a baby to learn with no example.  
What reason is there, for a baby to dance?   It's really got me bothered.

Another thing I wonder, is why children play "the floor is lava".  I have read online that the reason is because lava is the most obvious choice for a dangerous floor to watch out for.  I myself don't remember ever thinking about the concept of hot lava being on a floor when I was a small child.  Lava was always something I imagined shooting out of a volcano, and that was that.  It would make more sense to me if I played "the ground is thorns" or "there is no ground", because thorns on the ground were an actual hazard I was aware of.

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