Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unsafe and unlikely, is time travel without wormholes

Time travel is not at all safe, and if it is possible, it would require the use of wormholes, which have set destinations, rather than something like a car with time travel capabilities. 
According to a famous song by Monty Python, rough numbers are that our planet rotates at 900 miles an hour, orbits the sun at 90 miles a second, and our whole solar system moves at a 40,000 miles an hour along with the rotation of the milky way.
So if you took your DeLorean to 88 and managed to pop back in time even 5 minutes, you would be somewhere way far out in space when you came back into time!  

lol  Maybe you'd even crash into the moon, who knows.

You'd have to have a way to calculate the earth's position in the universe at any given time, and make your time machine transport you to that location as well, making it a time-and-space machine.

I had come to this conclusion a good number of years ago but I don't think I shared that idea with anyone so there you can have it.  :P

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  1. Nice article.

    Time travel has been thematized many times.
    Sadly (probably still) impossible.
    - Maybe it's better that way.
    Don't want anyone to do any mischief in the past.

    On a unrelated note:
    Do you remember anything about said code on this site?: