Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Some spoilers here....

I beat this game a couple of days ago.  The last recorded time on my save is a little over 39 hours, so it takes less than 40 hours to complete.  Most of the game is traveling, as you stay in each area for a very short period of time.

The camera controls, at least the default ones, are pretty horrible.  Controlling a 3D camera with the D-Pad is not fun.   I think I saw a different camera option called "soft camera" only AFTER I beat the damn game, but I dunno what it does yet.  [I hope it is a smart camera that follows the cursor, that would be a hell of a lot better!]

I like the story a good deal.  One great piece is that the main character, Layle, doesn't get betrayed by anyone posing to be a friend, which has been over-done in games/movies/everything.  
His friend Keiss is a bounty hunter just like Layle, and has an opportunity to move way up in the world, and doesn't let it get to his head.  He stays loyal to Layle even if it means he may lose his title, and I think that's badass.
Many parts of the game lead you to think that he may turn you over to authorities, but he doesn't.  I'm pretty sure they molded the story like this on purpose.  :P

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