Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends from the past

I've made a less than average amount of friends throughout my life so far, and I only really keep in contact with a much smaller amount than the total.

I think about every single one of them very often though.  I wonder if that's normal or is it just because it's easier to remember a very small number of friends than a larger group..

A handful of years back I bumped into someone that I was very good friends with in the sixth grade. We hung out all the time and I considered her my 2nd best friend (after Jess of course)... She didn't remember me.  That really sucked.

I also have a friend that I don't see anymore.  He's a lot younger than myself, and got into some bad stuff for a while and disappeared pretty much.  I stayed away because I could have no control over whether he did these things or not, and I didn't like to see his character change. It was a long time later, about a year or so, that I caught back up with him a bit. He seems to be doing better, but is also much different than I remember him.  He seems to be way too busy to ever hang out with him now, so all I can really do is wish him well.

I wish there was a way to let all of my long-lost friends know that I still remember them, and that they really meant a lot to me when they were a part of my life. 

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