Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shitty day

Woke up to a charlie horse cramp in my calf.

Sat down at the computer to do some things, and noticed that  *Tada!*  My 1TB hard drive is busted.  There go all of my games, videos, music, etc.    Pictures and digicam videos are all backed up, no sweat there.

Installed newest updates for my computer, did a restart...     Now it says "Error loading operating system".  


Re-installed Windows.

Taneisha comes in the room in a hurry to get dressed, and she is very visibly upset with something.  I ask what it is, because I want to help her, but she is now furious at me for asking.

I didn't get a goodbye kiss from her when she left to the store.  :'-(    Now I have to wait until tomorrow, 'coz it's time to leave for work.


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