Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Put your life on it"

My letter to Western Digital:

Heyo, I got this hard drive as a gift last year, around May or so. I believe It was bought from, as a fresh new drive.  It was working fine until yesterday morning, when I noticed that it didn't show up in my computer, or in disk management.  It also didn't show up in bios.

So I tried alternate sata ports and power sources, still nothing.  I tried an external adapter, thinking maybe the ports on my motherboard were bad, but it won't read with that either.  In fact the discs are not even spinning.

This has come as a huge surprise, as I defrag my hard disks on a regular basis, and in fact I have two ancient hard drives in my computer, (10+ years old), that are still performing very nicely.  Also I never even got to fill this hard drive more than halfway, so it was considerably un-used.

lol, your slogan says "Put your life on it", I just noticed.  I'm glad I didn't, and only put misc. data such as non-essential programs and games, or else I'd have lost all my digital camera pictures/videos.  :P

Anyway, I was wondering if there was any way it could be replaced, seeing as it just went dead like that, after such a short period of time.

*update* WesternDigital's replacement refusal:
They pretty much gave me a liink to a page that would let me check the warranty on the drive, and a pleasant surprise, my drive is covered 'til april of 2014  :-D.   Awesome, wish Sony could do stuff like this.

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