Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ugh.   Bills are due tomorrow, rent due on the 1st of the month.  I'm not at all surprised, but my work hasn't paid me or my fellow employees yet, once again over a week late.

So ok, we thought we could get us a rapid tax refund so we would be able to cover rent.  All was taken care of, and we were supposed to get our checks today (Wednesday, as I write this).  Wrong, the tax place called and said that the bank that does their loans for the rapid refunds, decided that my credit score was not sufficient enough, to receive a rapid refund.

Does this make sense?:   Tax preparers file the taxes, IRS pays the tax preparers, and in this case, the tax preparers make a deal with the bank, that they will pay a fee to get the taxes back within 24 hours, and they will pay the bank the rest of the money when it arrives from the IRS.

Now how does my credit score come into play?  It's not like I'm paying out of my pocket.   >_>
Do the banks not trust the IRS, or do they not trust the tax preparers?  That should be the only thing they look at.
F-ing ridiculous.  Is this why banks are f'd up now, because they make insane choices like this?  They could have made some money off of me, and wouldn't have to worry about whether or not I was making payments on the loan, because it would have been paid off immediately, by a credible tax preparation office.

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