Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why just me?

Blah, why is it that I don't know many people that like making codes for games?  It would be nice to have a GMail chat contact that could discuss the technical side of things with me, instead of having to post on a forum and wait a day or two for a reply.
I used to have a small handful of MSN contacts back when the GBA was big, and we would always be hacking games together, but now we all have lives.  I do see one guy online regularly, but I don't talk to him 'coz if he has something better to do, or gets bored with something I say, he just logs off of his messenger with no notice.  Ugh.

Lol, so now that I have a new hacking tool, I have to jump into the water with veterans that know nothing about my background experience, so essentially I'm the new kid.  >_>

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