Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memory Hacking Software

So I was looking for a replacement for my favorite memory hacking program, TSearch, which btw is severely-outdated.  (I think it was last updated in 2002.... yeah.)

 I ran across a description for a program called "Memory Hacking Software".   If not for the description, I would have not clicked on the link, because the name of the program sounds like something fake, to lure people that might really be looking for memory hacking software.   lol

Anyway the page is here:  http://www.memoryhacking.com/

The program is made by someone who goes by "L. Spiro", and it has many, if not all, of the features that TSearch has, and MANY more than it had as well!

Things I've used so far that are not in TSearch include:
Realtime Memory Editor  -   (TSearch had a memory editor but it only updated when you scrolled.
Freeze values between ranges  -  For example, instead of freezing a code at   999, you could freeze it  between 600 and 999, or whatever you would like!
It seems to do much faster searches than TSearch, which is always a plus.
It has an auto-hack and disassembler feature like TSearch, and it has more stuff in it, but I haven't messed with that 'coz I was using an emulator and auto-hack doesn't work well with emulators.  (at least in my experience)

If you are into making codes for videogames, I highly suggest L. Spiro's Memory Hacking Software.  :-D 

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