Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Fantasy VII - Over-rated? Nah.

Whenever something is deemed great by millions of people, it seems a light bulb goes off in the heads of the cynical:  "OMG that is soooooo over-rated".
Just 'coz something is recognized as being good, doesn't make it over-rated.  Final Fantasy VII may not be the best RPG ever made, (Wild Arms, Chrono Trigger, Zelda titles, Radical Dreamers, and Final Fantasy VI come to mind when I think of games that I've played over and over), but it is definitely awesome.  Unforgettable cast, unforgettable story and emotion.  Iz all I need in a game.

My definition of over-rated is something like the iPod.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other products that do/perform the same or better, for a much cheaper price tag, but somehow the iPod is the standard.  To say it is the best is just ignorant.

Back on the subject of games that get too much attention.. Final Fantasy VIII.
I challenge you..
If you've only played the game once EVER, and not recently, mind you..
Explain the ending.      GD, I was so not clued in to whatever the hell was going on, even though I played through the whole game up until that point!   I beat it and I was like..  "now why the hell did I need to see the whole cast as children in a damn orphanage? Didn't I see all the characters meet each other for the first time throughout different parts of the game?  WTF, this does not make sense and now I'm jumping from here to there, and oh there's the last boss..."    Whatever.
The ending cutscene was cool though.

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