Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 year old

My son Zack has turned 1 year old recently!  :-)   He had his own cake and everything, it was very cute to see him figure out what to do with the cake.  He first played with the frosting, and then tried hard to get it off of his hands.  I gave him a bit of the frosting to eat and then he dove face first into the cake!  :-D  Got it all on video, it's awesome.
We had his birthday at a pizza parlor, and ended up spending a total of around $260 on the whole party.  Sheesh, most expensive party we've ever thrown, but it was worth it and there are no regrets.
He got a lot of toys and some clothes for his birthday.  Like the typical little boy that doesn't know any better, he immediately threw all clothes on the floor as he pulled them out of their packaging, and latched onto the toys. :-p  He loves all of the toys he received.

After his party in town, we went out of town to visit his grandparents on Taneisha's dad's side of the family.  (I mean Taneisha's dad and step-mom, and her dad's parents)
It was fun as always.  They're always very nice to us when we come over, and always happy to see their only grandchild.  They got him some really nice things as well. 
While there, we also took time to visit with a couple of Taneisha's friends and had dinner.   Always good to know Taneisha has the kind of friends that can take time out for her.  She seems to have flaky friends here in town, and I feel bad when she has nothing fun to do. :'-(

More recently, Zack has come down with a heavy case of fatigue.. Not sure what's ailing him but he's been sleeping a lot the past couple of days.  I hope he's ok.  He seems happy when he's awake and has some attention, and at least from what I witness, he has been very patient and allowed a large amount of time until demanding the attention that he usually craves immediately.

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