Sunday, August 30, 2009

:'-( my worst trip-and-fall so far


Today when on my out the door to the car, when taking Taneisha to work, my ankle twisted and I fell..   Well WE fell.    We, being me and my little boy Zack.  :'-(    Damn I was scared, I tried my very hardest to keep him from receiving any damage from that fall, and I hope I succeeded.  We couldn't find anything wrong with him, but ugh, you never know, ya know?  No scratches, no bumps, no red spots, no scrapes.  I made sure when falling, to cradle his head at the last moment and turn myself into the fall as well as I could.  I got my knees, my side, and my elbow banged up and scraped, but of course I'm fine.
He was crying for only a few moments, so that brought a little bit of relief.
So he seems just as healthy as ever, and I hope that's the case.  I feel horrible about the fall.  I never want anything like that to happen while he's in anyone's arms.  :'-(   I'm glad it happened AFTER the stairs, sheesh.

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