Monday, August 17, 2009


-sigh again-

Goodness, that movie "UP" is depressing. It's good but it's really struck some sensitive spots. It's about lost opportunities, and it's enough to send you straight into a mid-life crisis.

What can I do? There are some big goals that my wife would like to achieve. I would like her to achieve those goals as well, because they're for the good of our family. But I'm holding her back.
I need to do something.
I'm not sure what that something is, and because of that, I'm in a slump.
To achieve these goals, we must have money. I have a few talents, and if applied correctly I could make some steady money from them, but I'm unsure of how to apply them.
One of my talents isn't even a talent yet, because I'm too lazy to really start learning it! UGH!

I'm mad at myself, and I need something to push me in the direction I need to go. I really hope that whatever it is, is not something bad.
We are due for a miracle about now. I don't want any more trials to befall my little family. :'-( Not right now.

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