Monday, June 1, 2009


I got this message today...

Boss: "FYI....regarding unassigned tickets.....there is no need to call people at 4am our time (6-7a) their is way too those that you can reply so...but if it requries a call...dont do it...just put a note that you didnt call them because it is too early to call...unless the customer requested a call back that early then do so"

This is the same guy who said before, that it is my responsibility, (or "responsability" to be 100% accurate lol), to contact these people back. He's acting like he was telling me to reply to tickets that can be replied to by email, but the only tickets I've ever failed to contact back are call-back tickets, because I feel it's too early to do so. L-A-M-E! They're playing tug-o-war.

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