Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today was good. My wife and I made up today, and I'm feeling better and better. :-)

We went to a birthday party for my bro and I today. My mom made a very yummy cheesecake, and I made her a very yummy Quiche Lorraine, from what I hear. (I didn't get to taste it, had to take off for work after it finished)
I'll have to make her another one though, 'coz there were quite a few people over and it is now non-existent. lol

My nieces and nephews were all running around making my mom crazy. I hope she's ok, 'coz in the middle of it all, she seemed very upset.
I also made a small mess while making the quiche, and didn't have time to clean it up. -_-

Well I'm at work now.. Not much to say about that, just another long night/morning. I can't wait to be back home in bed.

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