Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Theyr'e tryin' to get rid o' meh!! oh noes!

lol, well it seems that the tech support place I'm working at is jumping through hoops to find reasons to reprimand me and eventually get me fired. I'm not sure why, but it's happening.

So I work from 9PM to 5:30AM most days, and we do tech support for areas that are mostly on the east coast. So where they're concerned, I work 12:00AM to 8:30AM. Now suddenly in the past couple of weeks, I've been told that I need to call back customers with open-tickets to either help troubleshoot their connections or set up their connections.


Who wants to be woken up between midnight and 7:00 AM?? (the last hour and a half of my mornings it gets very busy so I can't do call-backs during that time)
I find this very unreasonable. Using logic, I would think that customers would be out of it, or very cranky/angry if I were to call them between these hours and they weren't awake.
But I kept getting in trouble for not doing so, and I started calling customers around 7AM their time. Most customers, as expected, are asleep and when I call I'm waking them up to do troubleshooting on their internet connection. One customer even hung up on me because she was so tired and didn't wanna hear from us!
If I continue doing this at my manager's request, I will eventually be reported to customer service of whatever company's customer I was calling, and I will be fired for inconsideration of their customer.

So I'm either going to be fired for not calling customers back by my manager, or I will be fired by request of our client, by my manager.
I'm definitely suing if either is the case.

BTW I was informed that the previous overnight techs did NOT have to call anyone back, and were also not told that it was their responsibility to call them back. Unfair practices.

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