Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tech support~

Ugh, I got a few calls from this customer now, who is having trouble connecting to the internet. His issue had been escalated to our administrators for further investigation, and he was told that the admin office is only open during business hours, but yet again I've had to inform him of this. He's calling in to see if he can get someone else to tell him different, and lol, he sounded frustrated when I informed him of the same thing, because he realized that I'm the same guy he talked to half an hour ago.
So then he insisted that I troubleshoot the connection with him again, because the last time he went through all of the troubleshooting steps was a whole three hours ago.. Anyway I walk him through the troubleshooting steps.

1. He's not connected to our system, so I ask him the light status on the modem. He states that the dsl light is flashing, which is a sync issue. I ask him to powercycle his modem, and he does. The light is still flashing.
2. I ask him how many phones he has in his home, he says three. I then ask him "how many of those phones have dsl filters on them?" and he says "none, only my computer has a dsl filter". (He means that only his computer is connected to a dsl modem). I then ask him to make sure that there is no dsl filter connected to his dsl modem, because they should be attached to his phones only. Like 99% of our callers, he states that his setup has been working for X amount of time, so he doesn't believe this is the cause. I then inform him like I inform all others, that it doesn't matter how long it's been working, because right now it is not and this is a possible cause.

He then states that he will call back tomorrow to get someone who knows what they're doing. -_-

WHAT A JERK! This guy, I hope he enjoys not being connected to the internet for the night. lol
The nerve to call someone and insist that they help you with an issue that has already been deemed as an issue on the ISP's end, and then the person labels you as an idiot? lol, after a year of this job I'm still sort of amazed at some people, though I shouldn't be.

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