Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's growing up :'-)

My baby boy is finally realizing that we're not always going to pick him up and place him where he wants to be, so he's decided to try and crawl. :D I'm so excited, because he has been SO lazy with the whole crawling thing. Whenever he was placed on his stomach, he would immediately flip back over onto his back. He still does this sometimes, but now he mostly tries to get into things while on his stomach. hehe He tends to be more active right after eating though, and ends up spitting up because of the pressure on his stomach. Yuck.

He was being stubborn as well, and would not go to sleep when he was tired and fussy. I was thinking about playing Final Fantasy XI Online, but he would not let up, so I laid beside him. He eventually calmed down and fell asleep.. probably around the same time I fell asleep. lol I was asleep for over an hour. What a manipulator! XD

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